I have always loved take pictures of what ever makes me turn around. I think the force driving me is the urge to tell and show friends, family and others what I just experienced. It could be a nice sunset or a cool car, or just day life passing by. Snapshots and passing moment are a good description of my way of taking pictures. I guess this also could be described as street photography in most situations.


One day it hit me, that street photography is actually what I am doing, and has been doing more or less in decades. Being aware of that also makes me want to learn more about this way of documenting life.


I hope you find my photos interesting and entertaining. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions.


Contact info:

Facebook: Street Photography - by Leidolv Magelssen

Instagram: leidolvcom

E-mail: photo@leidolv.com



I got my first frame viewer camera when I was 12. It awakened something in me; - the power of documenting history, I guess.


When I turned 14, I became the owner of a SLR camera. I think I proved to my folks that my interest in photography was passionate and serious.


Now I use both Canon 60D and my iPhone5. I thank science for these beautiful instruments!

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